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It all began in my purple bedroom–a constant movement of furniture, reorganizing and replacement of items. Soon, my chronic rearranging syndrome spilled into other rooms of my parent’s home. Overflowing creativity led to stapling fabric to the ceiling and painting a 12-foot wall in our living room. I embarked on each project with a “do first, ask for permission when finished” determination.

My parents either felt a sense of relief or (the unlikely option) loss of their very own in-home decorator when I left for college. While they lost my design tornado that tore through rooms at home, I certainly didn’t leave it behind. I worked at West Elm furniture store while attending school in New York. I LOVED this job. Not only did I get to design displays in the store, I helped match colors, pick out furniture and fix design problems.

Customers would come into the store asking questions like, “how do I position my furniture?”, “does this color match?”, “What size rug should I buy?”…These design challenges sparked a curiosity deep inside of me. I knew that with advancing visual technology and virtual communication there had to be a way to help people design spaces without the expense of hiring an interior designer.

We end up moving into a room, apartment or home at some point, faced with questions similar to ones above. With the right guidance, I believe anyone has the capability to create their own, inspired space.




Why should I design my space?

Design has the remarkable ability to change your mood, capture your eye and make you more productive. We will provide you the tools and guidance to make it happen!

Why did you name your company Printz?

The principal of empowerment, in this case, to design a room yourself, came from my grandmother Printz, which is also my middle name! In addition, it’s my absolute favorite aspect of interior design, scouring for the perfect fabric pattern or print.

Where did Printz start?

Printz started out of Boston University, where I currently attend college. My goal is to bring the inspiration of interior design and easy to use technology to life so you can easily design your space.


Thanks for dropping by! My hope is that something here resonates with you. Whether it’s the story of following your passion or excitement of easily bringing design to your space.


Get your design on.













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