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Hello! My name is Jess Hartman, I’m a proud wife and a Mama to sweet little girl. I work part time as a Restaurant Server, but when I’m not serving endless amounts of coconut cloud martinis, I’m usually decorating my house.

I guess you can say my passion for design started at a pretty young age. I’ve been rearranging furniture and color coordinating my room since I was about 7 years old.

My parents and I moved into a 4 bedroom home in Rancho Cucamonga – at the time I was an only child which meant I had 2 extra bedrooms at my disposal. I would periodically switch rooms, ask my Dad to repaint and my mom to make a new comforter to match whatever design I was into at that time.. Yes, I was that annoying child but hey, they obliged!

Here’s the short list of different rooms I had – shabby chic, island theme, stars & lava lamps and Titanic… Yes, you heard right! I had a bedroom devoted to my Leonardo DiCaprio obsession, Titanic posters and magazine clippings all over my walls and no, I’m not ashamed about it!

Anyway, back in February I deactivated my personal Instagram account and created a page solely dedicated to my insane obsession of interior decor. Here, I’ve chronicled the constant transformation of my home while getting and giving design inspiration and it’s been nothing short of incredible to not only share my passion with others but to find likeminded souls who inspire and motivate me on a daily basis.

I’m so happy you found your way over and hope you’ll continue to follow me on this design journey of mine.


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