Meet Janelle




Hi everyone!  My name is Janelle Burnett and I am the face behind BurnettBungalow.  I have always loved decorating but it wasn’t until we bought our first house that I truly realized it was something I was passionate about.

My husband and I bought our home over three years ago when I was pregnant with our daughter Sienna.  We could only afford a fixer upper so we gutted it and re-did almost everything on our own.  Remodeling a house while pregnant is something I wouldn’t recommend! We finished it just in time to welcome Sienna who is now two.

It is a labor of love and we are proud of everything we did and all that we learned (google and you tube were our new best friends).  When I got pregnant with Carson I started to get the itch to change things up again.  My style is constantly evolving as am I.  I started reinventing the house, one room at a time.  Once Carson was born I began to document my journey on Instagram and BurnettBungalow was born.

I am an elementary school teacher but have been part time the past couple years to raise my children.  In between motherhood and work, I experiment and explore my third love which is design.  I am doing what I like, it doesn’t fit into a specific category but it is turning our house into a home, and having a place I love to raise my children in.

Thanks for following along on my journey.



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Aka Burnett Bungalow