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Annabel & Jen

Hello! We’re Annabel & Jen, the duo behind Trim Design Co.!  We’re former teachers who met while working at a Boston-based interior design firm, where we bonded over a mutual love of kilim loafers and the hunt for the perfect vintage piece.  Our shared passion? The creative process! It’s what drove us to launch our own design firm and it’s why we love designing and blogging.  Our love for this process extends beyond design too! We both love experimenting in the kitchen, refurbishing vintage finds, doing our own portfolio photography, and in Jen’s case, writing a novel (she hasn’t published it yet, but Annabel’s determined to convince her!).

We hatched the idea for Trim Design Co. after recognizing a need for a new interior design model and we’re on a mission to disrupt eDesign by reimagining the designer-client relationship & fusing the best aspects of the full-service design experience with the convenience of online collaboration.  At Trim, we partner with our clients, soliciting their feedback throughout the design process, so they never feel steamrolled. When clients work with us, they get all the quality of full-service design without any of the ego.  Our flat fee pricing means clients enter the design process worry free. As we work together with our clients to fine-tune their design, they don’t need to worry that asking for a revision will mean more charges.


Our super power? Infusing eclectic, modern style into homes filled with traditional architectural details.  We blend the best of today’s furnishings with pieces curated from different eras and points on the globe. Our designs eschew the trends, instead setting the bar for great taste.  Trim is the only eDesign firm incorporating vintage and artisanal items into every design, creating homes steeped in individuality.  We’re your go-to design team for interiors where eclectic, California modern meets the new traditionalist. Our secret ingredient?  The two of us:  A millennial and Gen Xer creating beautiful spaces, neither too trendy nor too traditional, but always “so you.”

 Jen lives in Marblehead, MA with her husband and three daughters, moonlighting as an estate sale sleuth, master chef, and cocktail mixologist.  Annabel lives in Boston with her husband and French Bulldog, Mona. Like many elder millennials, she’s addicted to podcasts, owns too many plants, and enjoys avocado toast.

Curate, don’t decorate!
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