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  • A Must See Pop-up Shop in Boston

    September 19, 2018  

    On my way to finish some errands, I ran into a pop-up shop in Fenway called, Hourglass. Started by creative geniuses, Erin Robertson from project runway and Nicole Fichera, who has an extraordinary eye for fun vintage design,… Read More

  • Funny Paint Color Descriptions

    July 29, 2018  

    Who’s in charge of naming paint colors? We need to talk… The endless confusion between the names you’ve chosen and descriptions written about them needs to end! Let’s take Benjamin Moore’s off white color, “Mayonnaise”… Read More

  • Spoon Perfect

    October 8, 2017  

    It’s the same every morning. I’m barely awake and my hand rummages through the container of mini-tea-spoons to grab one for my morning tea or coffee. I find the “right kind” of the two different… Read More

  • A “Professional” Passion For Design

    September 22, 2017  

    What’s the first thing you did home from college? I had been back at home less than 24 hours before diving straight into a home improvement project. My mother gave me a golden opportunity. I… Read More