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  • Rustic Studio Apartment Tour In Seattle

    April 11, 2019  

      Steffi’s rustic studio apartment is cozy space that matches the woodsy grey aesthetic of her hometown, Seattle. I’d say music is at the center of all my style choices. It informs everything, from my… Read More

  • Maximalist Parisian Apartment Tour

    March 25, 2019  

      In a Parisian studio apartment, over looking the Sacré-Cœur, Marie lives in her maximalist, quirky home. Describing her apartment as an explosion of color would be an understatement… So we’ll let Marie tell you… Read More

  • For the Vintage Rug Obsessed

    December 9, 2018  

    If you’ve been following along on my decor journey, you’re probably well aware that vintage is at the heart of every room I envision. I love vintage for the unique flair it adds to a… Read More

  • How to Score Top Notch Vintage

    October 25, 2018  

      I grew up perusing estate sales. In my pre-teen years, getting dragged through dingy old basements was tantamount to poking my eyes out, but by the time high school hit I was hooked. Now,… Read More

  • What To Do With a Blank Wall

    September 28, 2018  

    You have all your furniture, you’ve added your accent pieces and you look up and see it….a big blank wall. Sometimes nothing seems more daunting than a blank wall, where to start, what to do?  I… Read More

  • How to Tackle a DIY Project

    September 4, 2018  

    Hello everyone! This week I wanted to take a second and talk about DIY décor and what to expect when you decide to tackle a project on your own.  DIY projects are fun, cheap and… Read More