Rustic Studio Apartment Tour In Seattle


Steffi’s rustic studio apartment is cozy space that matches the woodsy grey aesthetic of her hometown, Seattle.

I’d say music is at the center of all my style choices. It informs everything, from my taste for a dark and moody aesthetic (I like dark and moody music haha) to the wall art I have in my apartment. Seattle – the city I live in – also had a big influence on me as I was decorating. Seattle is woodsy and gray, and so is the look of my apartment!




Do you have a favorite spot in your apartment?


Visually, my favorite spot in my home is my bed. I love my wood head board and the prints above it, which are the sound waves of three of my favorite songs: Going to California by Led Zeppelin, All Along the Watchtower – the Jimi Hendrix version, and Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles. However, I don’t spend any time on my bed other than when I’m in bed for the night. So in terms of where I spend actual time, I love curling up on my couch with a glass of brandy and my kitty Helo while watching a TV show.




Steffi’s tips for living in a small apartment:

First and foremost, up your storage game to avoid clutter. I have what some would consider a pretty radical point of view when it comes to clutter, in that I think clutter completely destroys any beautiful decor choices you’ve made. You can have the most stylishly decorated space, but if there’s clutter, all that style is negated – and this is especially true in a small space. It’s a little harsh (and yes, I know my OCD is showing), but keeping the clutter away really can be a simple way to level-up the look of a small space.





Aside from de-cluttering, I think the most important thing for decorating a small space and really for decorating any space is to find ways to work your unique personality and passions into the space.
For me, my obsession with music is on full display in my apartment, and it makes my studio feel like my sanctuary. This feeling of ownership and belonging is especially important for a small space because living in a small space often can mean feeling like a guest in your own home. It means you’re likely renting and it isn’t your forever-home, and the act of decorating can feel pointless. So you resign yourself to living in a space that never really feels truly comfortable, or truly like you.

So to all the small apartment dwellers out there, I want to stress that if you dream about living in a place that feels warm and welcoming and looks as pretty as what you see on Pinterest, you are totally capable of making that happen. And you’re worthy of it. Don’t let the fact that your space is small and temporary get in the way of creating a space that’s reflective of who you are and what you love!




A very common reaction when my friends see my apartment is “I want you to help me with my place!”, which is one of the reasons why I started my blog Moda Misfit. Because my response to that is “You’re totally capable of doing this too!” I started to realize that I had a lot to say about interior styling and just how accessible it really is. I think anyone can make their space look beautiful and I wanted to create a blog that would help people realize that! The supposed “misfits” who believe they can’t achieve amazing style are actually not only capable of, but in a perfect position to make a unique and cool space for themselves. I believe style is where the misfits fit.




For more Rustic Vintage Rock find Steffi on Instagram @moda.misfit and check out her website here.

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