How to Mix & Match Pillows

If you know me, you know I have a pillow problem, an addiction. If I see a pillow I really like I have to get it. Pillows are such an easy way to refresh a space. If you buy just the pillow slips, they are easy to store away as well. One question a lot of people have been asking me is, how do you mix pillows? I just received the most gorgeous pillows from Boho Luxe Home and it inspired me to write this blog post. They have fun, bold patterns in their collection, and I loved incorporating them into what I already own. Guess what, your pillows do not have to match….say what?! So here are five tips on how to mix pillows.


Burnett Bungalow

1. Play with Patterns

Think of how different patterns can work together but also keep scale in mind. If you are using three different patterns make sure one of them is the one that stands out among the rest. Choose patterns that speak to you but keep the color palette cohesive. This will create a look that stands out, yet still looks harmonious. You can have no pillows that match but still have that polished look when mixing patterns.



2. Vary Shapes and Sizes

When you are mixing pillows you want to play with scale. You don’t want all your pillows to be the same shapes and sizes. This will bring dimension to your space. So don’t be afraid to have a rectangle with a square, a big with a small, play around and see what looks good.


Burnett Bungalow


3. Focus on Texture

Not only can you mix colors and patterns but you want a variety of textures as well. Play around with it and see what textures work together (velvet, tassels, linen, cloth) There are so many different textures out there when it comes to choosing pillows. Adding textures to your pillows adds a level of warmth to your space.


4. Don’t Go Crazy

Yes, I am a crazy pillow lady, but I still want room on my couch for guests to be able to sit down. You want enough pillows where your couch doesn’t look bare, but at the same time it doesn’t look like a shelf of pillows at a store. In addition, the even and odd factor comes into play. Typically, an even number of pillows creates a more traditional look, whereas an odd number creates a more modern look.


Studio McGee traditional
Studio Mcgee


5. Choose Three Colors

I feel that the rule of three works well here. Choose three colors and make sure those colors are distributed in each pillow that you purchase. If you are mixing patterns, having the same three colors throughout the patterns helps create a polished look. When choosing your colors use the 60-30-10 rule-dominant color, secondary color and accent color.


So there you have it, feel free to ask any questions or if you want advice on where to find good pillows I would love to help! Also, if you are looking for a great place to find bold accent pillows, try Boho Luxe Home ( I also got an amazing travel bag from them) Thanks for reading!

boho luxe.jpg
Boho Luxe













Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 10.01.30 PM

Aka Burnett Bungalow


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Featured Image Source: Studio Mcgee

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