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In a Parisian studio apartment, over looking the Sacré-Cœur, Marie lives in her maximalist, quirky home. Describing her apartment as an explosion of color would be an understatement… So we’ll let Marie tell you about it herself:


I dubbed my style “Boho Glam Rock”, but that feels like a term designers could use between them. If you want to explain my style to the everyday person, I would go with the Neon Drunk Rainbow style maybe? Now that’s more my home obviously, but my clients do tend to be more into “colourful and funky” rather than the whole white, Scandinavian look ! I’m definitely a maximalist, and embrace eclecticism when choosing furniture so those are two terms that definitely describe my style pretty well.




Do you have a favorite piece of furniture in your space?


Obviously my favorite piece in the apartment is Roger, my ceramic tiger (if I don’t say that he’s gonna be pouting for weeks).

But in terms of furniture, I couldn’t really choose. Every single piece has been curated, gushed over, longed for, sometimes made-over. I’ve thrifted so many of the items here, just watching craigslist like a hawk for hours every day.  I absolutely love my Indian silver wedding chair, the sculpted wood low chairs, the armoire, sculpted by hand in Afghanistan. Which then toured the world with the same family for a couple of years, through South Korea and Cuba, it’s such a unique piece.

This is the way I decorate. I’ve collected these pieces over the last 9 years so they’re all my favorite, and that’s why they’re in my home!




As far as a favourite spot, I do love the breakfast nook just because I’ve never had one in a Paris apartment before, or even a proper table so it’s a game changer. I work at home most of the time so here I get the best view of the whole apartment and I’m all cozy, surrounded by pillows… What’s not to love ! After a while I’ll move to the couch, but it’s a definite nap-trap ! The breakfast table is also my kitchen countertop since I have zero counter space so it’s a happy place to crank the music, cook some delicious food and have some fun!




Marie’s tips for living in a small apartment:


Small spaces are all about function and storage, so I think the most important step is to take a moment before you move in, and really feel out the space, think about what can be achieved with clever hacks, hidden storage, etc, really plan it out instead of rushing to fill the space and decorate.

This can be done the day you visit the space even before you get the keys or a move-in date, just take an afternoon, look at the floor plan and try out a few combinations.

It’s an important step because once you stuff is all settled in, priorities shift, and most people will give up on those upgrades.


Side note: Marie and her brother built the kitchen banquet seating to function as additional storage




In the middle of the living room there is a built-in Murphy bed. I love being able to fold it back up and have a great big living room to entertain, but there’s no way I could move the furniture every time by myself, especially once I added rugs. So I added wheels to the bottom of all of my living room furniture : the sofa, the coffee table, and the accent chairs -making it a breeze to switch from bedroom to living room !

There’s no limit to what you can achieve in a small space, I truly believe that. You just gotta get creative !




What is your go-to color?


I kind of hate to say this, but I noticed it a few months ago working with my clients, turns out I will try to shoehorn pink e-ve-ry-where ! I was a little shocked at first, but I can’t deny the facts. I think it’s because I love its versatility when it comes to color combinations. I think it enhances so many other colors that it became a must-have for me. You’ll never be able to convince me that there’s a better color combination out there than pink and green. It makes my heart sing every single time I see it. 




With a perfect mix and match of the most eclectic items, there is no denying Marie’s apartment is an eye-catching space. A true master of the maximalist style with a bold refection of her personality. She has something to see in every nook and cranny and strategically uses color to separate even the smallest spaces–from the entryway to the kitchen (in a studio!).

For more Boho Glam Rock find Marie on Instagram @thevelvetjungle and check out her website here.


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