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Oh winter blues, you creep up in February and hang around until Spring begins to peek its nose from the ground. At Printz, we’re viewing winter blues in a new light. What is your blue? A soft reflection off the snow at night? A deep navy blanket to cuddle by the fire? These designers share their favorite uplifting shades of blue:




My favorite shade of blue is a cobalt blue similar to the wallpaper in my house.  I just love how bold it is while at the same time causing a calming effect.  Really though, any shade of blue is my jam, it’s my color crush!



Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 10.01.30 PM

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Baby Blue


Blue is such a beautful colour in all shades. If you’re interested in colour psychology and learning what colours mean (like me!) then you’ll be pleased to hear that blue has many positive effects, so it is the perfect choice for various rooms in the home. It promotes communication and trust, so whack it on your living room walls! And it promotes relaxation and peace, so it’s perfect for a bedroom or calming bathroom.

My favourite shade of blue is ‘Baby Blue’. I don’t think it should remain, as its name suggests, in a baby’s room though. I love it everywhere! Summer Adams is a wonderful interior designer. Her designs are elegant, fresh and feminine and she is a massive inspiration for my work. Look at this gorgeous, striped, baby blue chair she has styled to perfection!

Summer Adams chair.jpg

Baby blue is also my go-to colour when my wooden furniture needs a re-style. It always looks fresh and elegant, and works well with many different styles such as Country Cottage, Beach chic and the modern home.

Stay Creative!

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What is it about blue? Did you know it’s the world’s favorite color?  There’s even a book about a woman who falls erotically in love with the color blue.  I wish I could say that I’m a maverick when it comes to color preference, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t my favorite, too.  

image 3.jpg

There’s an old bit of design wisdom that says people choose the same colors for their interiors as they do for their wardrobe. Since my uniform consists of blue jeans with basic tops in black, white, or neutrals, this theory is definitely applicable to me.  And perhaps it’s my love of blue jeans that led me to identify indigo as the shade I love most of all. I decided to sum up my love for Indigo with a good old fashioned ode, because the former English teacher in me can’t resist.


An Ode to Indigo

Oh Indigo,

I see you wearing your midnight robes,

threaded into this rug that once draped over a camel’s back.

Oh Indigo,

thank you for gracing my floors with your inky deep sea hue,

and lending your bewitching pigment

to the calligrapher’s brush

as he adorns a ceramic stool with dragons and pagodas.

You alone,

were singled out by Newton, from the other blues,

and given your own rainbow stripe.

Oh Indigo, you are simply perfect.


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