How to Tackle a DIY Project

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This week I wanted to take a second and talk about DIY décor and what to expect when you decide to tackle a project on your own.  DIY projects are fun, cheap and you feel a total sense of accomplishment once they’re done.  That being said, you have to go into them with certain expectations and with a mindset that everything will never go according to the perfect plan that is in your head.  Here are five things to keep in mind when tackling a DIY project.

1) Do Research….Prep Prep Prep


This is the boring part of a DIY project but it is also the most important.  You need to make sure you do your research and have all the supplies you need.  The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a project and realize you need something.  You also want to make sure the project is going to work (or fit) in the space you have.



2) Safety…Lets stay safe peeps


This is a big one a lot of people don’t take into consideration.  However, when you are working with saws, hammers and other power tools you need to make sure you have the right safety equipment. So when you are doing your research keep in mind that you will also need gear for all of the tools you will be working with.



3) How many people…..communication is key


While it may seem wonderful to try and tackle a project on your own, be realistic about how many people you will need. I made this mistake with the wallpaper debacle of 2018.  Most projects require two people and if they don’t, it is more fun with two people anyways… so why not!  My husband and I love to do projects together.  That being said, it is important to communicate who is doing what, and what your overall vision is with your partner in crime. From experience I can tell you two is always better than one!



4) Improvise- Try Try Again

I have had so many DIY projects not turn out the way I had originally envisioned.  Instead of throwing in the towel I thought, how can I transform this into something else? Where in my house can I use this, or see this?  I have had many a projects go awry, but they have turned out to be some of my favorite projects because they worked somewhere else in my house. Keep in mind, your original vision may not be the end result.

5) Have some fun

This is the most important rule in my opinion.  Grab a beer, grab a partner and get to work! Working on a project with somebody is fun, rewarding and a great way to spend some quality time.  I always have pump up the jams and have plenty of snacks on hand.  It is relaxing and rewarding, and you will feel a great sense of accomplishment once it is done!


So don’t be scared to tackle DIY projects, start with something small and work from there!



Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 10.01.30 PM

Aka Burnett Bungalow


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