How I Nail a Vintage Boho Look

My academic background is in art history, not specifically design, so I take a bit of a different approach to designing a space than what would probably be typical of a designer. If I were to try to slap a label on my style, it would be boho/eclectic, which in my opinion is a style that defies categorization. So, if you’re looking to nail that boho/eclectic look, it’s important to not get too caught up with a particular style. I have an enormous amount of mid-century pieces in my home, but I soften the overall aesthetic by adding older antiques, and modernize the look with more current pieces (think Target or Ikea to add a flare of new!).




Many people with eclectic homes are self-declared maximalists, but I don’t feel comfortable defining my style in that way. I do have a tendency to over-accessorize rooms, but I actually hate that about myself. I’m trying very hard to pair things down because I find rooms that are too busy can become stressful environments to live in. On the flip side of the coin, minimalism can bore me. My biggest goal, recently, has been to find that happy medium where there is lots of texture, color and interest, but the spaces still feel calm and don’t overwhelm.

So in order to nail that eclectic boho look, the single-most important factor would be to combine the new with the old. Think a fresh, modern kitchen with a gorgeous bright, worn-in vintage rug. Or a mid-century vintage couch with modern, bold geometric pillows. Visit your local thrift stores and estate sales to find those vintage treasures, and to keep costs down, stores like Target and Ikea are great go-tos for adding that modern flair.





But THE most important element for just nailing a killer room (for any style)? ART. It kills me when I see a gorgeously decorated room that has paid attention to every last detail, except for the walls. I love LOVE a good gallery wall, but also love an oversized statement piece over a bed or a couch, or in a dining room. Prints tend to be more economical choices if you’re buying art new, and some of my favorite print shops are 20×200, Minted, Etsy and Walltones. If you’re looking more high-end, Printed Matter is my shop of choice. But adding texture through paints and oils is also a must, and truly the only way to get your hands on some great art is to visit your local thrift shop or be the first in line for that estate sale. And there is always the option of buying a paint and some canvas. Most people I know who look at a Jackson Pollock work say, “I could do THAT!” … well, DO it then! (Pollock’s work DOES look fantastic on the wall……).


Get your vintage on.

Kate Sig
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