Style Guide to My New Boston Apartment

FINALLY! I’m moving out of Allston to an apartment off of Newbury Street, a really charming, central location in Boston. Which means I have to make some sacrifices, for a completely outdated look in a small space.

That may deter some but to me it screams potential and a little design challenge. Features include a fireplace with exposed brick on either side, old cappuccino colored walls, closet space only in the bedroom and a kitchen that lines one wall with no counter space.

Soo here we go! I’m taking you on my apartment journey and can’t wait to show you all the storage and design solutions I come up with to transform this sad looking space into my trendy Boston abode.



White, grey and gold for a crisp clean look to brighten the space and make it look larger. (Yes I will be repainting the walls) In fact, I’ve never moved into an apartment and not repainted at least two walls!



These modern, chic, gold and white elements with straight lines will be mixed with an urban looking space. Remember, there is exposed brick and a fireplace! Oh goodness and did I mention the horrific tile in the kitchen? Scroll to the end of the post for before photos.





Size is important!! So many times people purchase furniture that is too large for their space. I however have found two sofas that are not only “apartment sized” but double as sleeper sofas for guests to spend the night. The only problem… I don’t know which one to order! I was hoping for all white but this pink sofa is growing on me and I LOVE the gold arms. The light grey sofa (below) is a little more midcentury but it looks more comfy and is a versatile color to mix and match throw pillows and blankets.


Haley Newbury Apt

Haley Newbury Apt #2


The little circles on the bottom of the picture are the color of the title in the kitchen… I am thinking of covering it with a rug or removable tile if I can find a cheap option.




On the other wall (separating) the bedroom and living room there is enough space for a white desk and gold shelves. I want to add geometric peel and stick removable wallpaper! If you follow Printz on instagram you know my favorite day of the week is #wallpaperwednesday. How ever this trend came back in style, thank Jesus! I am all over it!!


Haley's Apt.png



Above the fireplace I’m planning a gallery wall. The biggest question is: black and gold frames or all gold frames?  Yes please, please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Inside of the fireplace will be houseplants! I’ve always wanted to jump on the “jungalow style” trend but never had a place to keep plants. Now that I do, I can’t wait to add some greenery to my space!





49 Hereford #2F - Kitch2

49 Hereford #2F - LR


These are the only before photos I have from the landlord but I will post more when I move in next week.

Stay tuned for progress photos and videos to DIY projects! And if you haven’t already, join Printz insiders to participate in polls and help me decide on colors and designs!


Get your design on.
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