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We are welcoming back organization queen, Annika Erickson (aka Sweet.and.tidy on Instagram) to help us tackle storage struggles we all face going back to school.

“All throughout college, my space has been very limited”

So, how does she combat this problem? For big textbooks Erickson suggests to…


“Always keep books vertical! Stand them up side-by-side to maximize the space and keep each book easily accessible! I always keep my books on my desk, and this method allows me to save so much space.”


Sweet and Tidy


What is the number one piece of organization advice you’d give to someone living in a dorm room?


“Bring a drawer storage cart! These plastic systems are life-savers on wheels and can be found at all major retailers in the fall! When you transition into a condensed space, it’s common that you’ll have extra items and no idea where to put them – and these storage carts eliminate that problem! They’re perfect for beauty products, towels, extra clothing, or my personal favorite: snacks for late night studying!”


We also recommend bar carts as a trendy storage solution and can be found inexpensively at retailers like Ikea.



For other items like toiletries, make-up, and hair straighteners/blow-dryers, in your dorm room?


“I use a small bin for all of my hair care items, and I place the curling irons/blow-dryers/etc. vertically to maximize space! As for makeup, I have an organizer on my desk (HomeGoods has an amazing selection) that keeps everything neat & accessible. All other toiletries are kept in my drawer storage cart!”


Sweet and Tidy

Do you have any fun wall decor ideas that double up as room storage?


“One idea that I’ve seen a lot throughout college is the wall calendar white board! These are essential when it comes to staying organized in college, as you’ll need to keep track of events and due dates! They’re also available in so many fun colors & designs which makes them a great piece of décor. This also reduces the need for additional papers or planners, creating more storage space for other items!”


Dare to be Domestic


My ultimate storage essential is not actually an object, but rather how I arrange items. All throughout college, my space has been very limited. Every single year I file-fold all of my clothing to maximize the space in my drawers. It makes such a huge difference space-wise, plus it makes outfit choosing a little easier as well!


Sweet and Tidy


Sweet and Tidy


Outside of the dorm room, organization is just as important. When it came to keeping organized for my classes I has a three section notebook but still found it hard to keep my classes seperated. Annika recommends a more streamlined solution of color coding:


“I’ve always found color-coding to be the best solution! I pick a color for each class, and purchase notebooks, folders, etc. in each of those colors! Since I always kept my school materials in one place, having separate colors made it easy for me to differentiate my materials.”


Follow Erickson on Instagram @sweet.and.tidy for more organization inspiration!




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