Make Your Dorm Room a Space You Love

So you just got your housing for next year…. and it’s basically the size of a shoe box. You’re thinking of all the things you have to cram into the room and don’t know where to begin! Trust me, at some point, everyone has the lovely experience of being cramped in a small room for two (sometimes even four!), and while that doesn’t sound comforting, it is. Because there have been so many people who have come up with innovative and fun ways to make a small dorm room into a cozy personalized space you’ll want to come back to everyday after class. Here are a few of our dorm room essentials to transform your shoe box space:


1) Dry erase board


Sounds super simple and boring, but a dry erase board will keep you organized. It will also allow you and your roommates to share your schedules with each other, letting you know when you will get that much needed alone time in your room.


2) Sheets for decor


Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 9.24.23 AM.png


Drap a sheet or tapestry under your mattress and over the rest of your bed to hide all your storage. Out of sight out of mind, to create a decluttered look!


3) Washi tape


Megan Duesterhaus


Wrap your chargers with a fun washi tape to personalize your items and to help you differentiate yours from your roommates!


4) Invest in a rug


Apartment Therapy
Her Campus


No need to spend an arm and a leg here, but getting a rug can help define what area is yours and provides a bit more personalization to the space. 


6) Wall Decor


Source Unknown
Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 10.00.40 AM.png
Erin Mahoney


Tip: For a similar wall design like the one above, see our blog post “A Renters Solution to Wallpaper” for our removable wall decor trick that costs around $5




Don’t let the small size of a dorm room bring you down. It has potential and you will make it a cozy space that you LOVE to go back to for a quick in between class nap. For more dorm room ideas, follow our Pinterest board, “Printz Dorm Room Inspiration”!


Own your space.


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Feature Photo Source: This Insider


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