Hartman Haus Dresser Restoration

About 2 months ago I was walking up to my best friend’s house when I saw this beautiful vintage dresser just sitting on her porch. I said “hey what are you gunna do with that dresser?” And she said, “just throwing it in the trash!” I instantly saw the potential and loaded it into the back of my truck.

My husband and I kept it as is until last week when we finally pulled the trigger and bought an orbital sander from Lowe’s.




I wanted to get away from the red tones in the wood as much as possible and sand it down to a pretty natural color. I knew the drawer pulls had to go so I opted for matte black hardware. The project was fairly simple minus the fact that we had to do it all in 115 degree weather.

After sanding, we covered the original holes with wood putty, drilled new holes to fit the new 3 inch drawer pulls, put a clear satin stain on the dresser, let dry overnight and voilà a brand new dresser!


Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.14.19 AM


Let’s Decorate!

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