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Simply put, weddings are magical. It’s a special day to celebrate the combining of two lives, and you get to share this moment with family and friends. While it’s an exciting and beautiful day, it can also be stressful. Expectations attached to planning the perfect party adds to the anxiety, especially if you’re on a budget! Backyard weddings have become a trendy way to celebrate the big day. It’s a budget friendly alternative to planning a wedding in a fancy banquet hall because you are using what you already own. Keep reading for all the tips on how to create your own inspired backyard wedding… that won’t break the bank!


Printz DIY backyard wedding hanging lanterns
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Mason Jars and Lanterns


These are very versatile little containers to use for anything from flower centerpieces to candle holders. You can buy mason jars or lanterns in bulk, making this an inexpensive option! Dress them up with ribbons, stick lace, colorful flowers or attach string to the jars, personalizing them to your color scheme or themed aesthetic.


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Chalkboards, whiteboards or letter boards can be used to display meaningful messages to your guests. This statement piece will grab their attention and explain useful information in a creative way or tie the theme of your wedding with phrases that represent you and your partner. Check out some examples below! 


Printz DIY backyard wedding chalk board

NaturAL Decor


You’re in your backyard after all! Use your environment to set the scene. Making a tree trunk a 360 photo display is a unique way to create a memorable backdrop and is an efficient use of space. You could also plant flowers in buckets to spruce up the space!


Printz DIY Backyard Wedding Photo
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Tip: Create areas around the yard for your guest to explore and be entertained! 


Studio Emp


Bring on the backyard games for you and your guests to enjoy throughout the night. Here are some of our favorite ideas! Which game is your favorite?




Photo Opps!


Avoid the cost of hiring a professional photographer for the entire night but still capture  those special the moments. Use a simple polaroid camera and lay it on a table with an empty scrapbook. This way your guests do the work for you and it’s fun! You can also create picturesque “photo booth” areas around your backyard with poster board, flowers and other backdrops.


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Green Wedding Shoes



Own your space.


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