Six things we all forget to clean


Have you forgotten to spring clean this year? You’re certainly not alone! Cleaning quickly falls to the bottom of a to do list and hmm… I wonder why? With warm weather knocking at your front door, the decision to spend time outside usually trumps petty indoors tasks. However, you should spend an afternoon before summer arrives and knock out some Spring cleaning. Below is a list of six things we all forget to clean, and probably should! 


1. Under Rugs


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I’m a culprit of this too. We think of vacuuming the rug themselves because that’s what your eye immediately sees. However, under your rug is a whole world of crumbs, pet hair, coins, and dust waiting to be sucked up by a vacuum. I also suggest, every month to shake your rug outside and then vacuum it for a deeper clean.

TIP: For large rugs, roll up half of it up and vacuum, then roll the other half up and continue. This makes reaching under neither more manageable than trying to lift up the entire rug!


2. Shower Curtains and Liners




Prevent pink mold from building up on your shower curtains and throw them in the washing machine or wipe them down. You can also purchase inexpensive clear liners to swap out every 4-6 months. Keep where you clean yourself, clean! 


3. Pillows and Pillow Cases


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When you think about it, we put our face on our pillows every single night! If you drool like me, it’s gross to think about how infrequently we clean our pillow cases. Everytime you wash clothes or towels, throw in your pillow cases too! If you have a down or fiber pillow, you can throw those into a washing machine too (remember to read the label for washing instructions).

PRO TIP: Buy a second set of pillow cases to use when you wash your original ones. You will always have fresh pillow cases!


4. Door Knobs and Switches


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We clean the ground we walk on, the clothes we wear, and the sheets we sleep in, but do we ever clean the door knobs and switches we touch  MULTIPLE times a day? This doesn’t even take long, just rub with anti-bacterial wipe and you’re done.

TIP: Cleaning is a chore we all hate, but you can make it fun! Put on your favorite playlist and turn something boring into a jam out session.


5. Remotes




Are you a couch potato on the weekends? Then you must use your TV remotes a lot! They collect dust, get crumbs in the cracks, and are constantly touched. Similar to the door knobs and switches, I recommend that you clean these remotes every week or so.  Just wipe them down and you’ll be good to go.

TIP: Do a little everyday so that by the end of the week it’s not a huge day long chore.


6. ToothBrush Holders


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“Brush your teeth twice a day!” Something we have been told since we were young. BUT, how often have you cleaned what holds your teeth cleaners? We put toothbrushes in our mouth so we definitely want what holds them to be squeaky clean. Rinse them out every so often and dry them. The old water that sits in there will start to go bad and create a nasty bath for your toothbrush to swim in.


Make a check list of the things you need to clean and how often. This will help you to remember the last time you cleaned something and be a constant reminder to keep on top of it!


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Feature Photo Source: découvrir l’endroit du décor

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