Choose the best plant for your indoor space


Bring your room to life by adding greenery! Plants are not “one size fits all”, some require more attention than others. You may travel often, lead a busy lifestyle, or (like me), can’t keep a darn plant alive.  This post will help you identify which houseplant you should bring home!



Choose easy-care plants

Some plants like to be left alone. If you’re busy with work and travel often, avoid the hassle of hiring a sitter to water your plants and pick one of these green machines. These plants thrive off of little water.


Golden Pathos Plant


Notes: Pathos require little water, let the soil dry out in between waterings, yellow leaves are a sign your plant is getting over watered

Tip: Put this plant of a high shelf and let it hang down 


Zanzibar Gem


Notes: This plant can be left without water for up to three weeks, keep out of full sunlight in a shady spot


Prayer Plants 


Notes: This plant should be watered every two weeks and requires some maintenance as it thrives in humid conditions and may need extra fertilizer in its soil


Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 1.48.51 PM
Snake Plant


Notes: This plant can grow in any lighting condition, be sure to keep the soil fairly dry

PRO TIP: Use a colorful pot or place the plastic pot in a basket to style your plant into your space!


Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 1.17.29 PM.png
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


Notes: Ever considered a fake plant? These days it’s tough to distinguish the difference and I must admit, fake plants are pretty low maintenance.


Small space, no problem




Note: Make sure to keep your succulents in a container with proper drainage, these plants require dry soil

PRO TIP: Since these plants are small, get creative! Make a work of art on a shelf or desk by mixing and matching different types of succulents.




Note: Place your cactus on a windowsill for full exposure to sunlight!


Poll Decor


If you don’t have a green thumb, no problem, you’re not alone! These plants are fairly fool proof and are a great place to start when searching for your new green friend. An alternative is to purchase fake plants. They still provide a natural pop of greenery in your space and are certainly easy to care for!


Own your space.


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Featured photo source: Decoratoo


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