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Did someone say spring cleaning? Yup, it’s that time of year again and queen of organization, Annika Erickson is here to help us clean up!


“For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted spaces to be neat… Something about a tidy space is so satisfactory to me, and my love for organization has only continued to grow into adulthood” Erickson says.


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Erickson lives with over 50 girls in her sorority house and the need for organization is no joke! Her tools to combat clutter?


“It is important to set some boundaries. If you establish what spaces are yours, you can be in control of how neat you keep it. It won’t take away their messy half of the room, but it will give you an organized space to call your own.”






1) Declutter

Getting organized starts with getting rid of items you don’t need. Ask yourself questions like, “would I buy this again today?” or “when is the last time I used this?” to help you determine whether or not this is something to hold onto.


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2) Group like items

Being organized is all about creating a system where there’s a place for everything. Grouping like items can help you create areas that are designated for certain items.


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3) Repeat

Staying organized is all about repeating the process. Every time you declutter your space, you will find more and more items that you’re willing to let go of. This reduces clutter and makes staying organized easier


Art in the find


Pinterest and Instagram can make it seem as though you need to have the perfect organizer or container that costs $$$ but Erickson says you don’t need to!


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It’s no secret that containers make spaces more fun to look at, but by no means are they required in order to be clutter free. Living in my sorority house, I have little additional space for bins or organizers. I simply just work with what I’ve got, and still manage to keep a pretty tidy space!


Digs Digs 


As much as I love keeping my own space neat, I really enjoy organizing because of how it makes others feel. Every time I organize for someone, they are so excited and so inspired to continue organizing other aspects of their lives.


Follow Erickson on Instagram @sweet.and.tidy for more organization inspiration! 




Own your space.


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