5 Ways to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

Have you ever felt claustrophobic in your own room? As a small apartment dweller, I certainly understand this feeling. Living in a small room and wanting to make it cozy can quickly lead to over-stuffing your space! Fear not, I have found five simple and easy ways to maximize space in a small room and make it feel bigger.


1) Mirrors work BEYOND an outfit check!


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Hotels and restaurants use this trick all the time. In Fact, there have been a few instances where I almost walked into a mirrored wall because I thought it was a section of the room.

This is exactly the illusion we want in a small room, more space! As soon as you put a large mirror you will experience a sense of openness and added dimension in your space.


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Tip: The bigger the mirror, the better. If you can’t fit or find a big mirror, use a smaller size and make a fun design to showcase, instead of hanging artwork!


2) Use furniture with dual purpose 


Kiersten Marian


It’s difficult to get everything you need to fit AND make sense in a small space. So, when shopping for your small room, think about the furniture you buy. Using furniture with multiple purposes eliminates the need for another piece that will be crammed in the corner. 

Tip: A bed with built in storage is the best way to get rid of that bulky chest of drawers and open up space for a decorative rug.


3) Angle furniture


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This tip works amazing in rooms that are on the narrow side. By angling furniture the room feels less blocked and cluttered. It also adds a sense of flow, letting the person move through the room with ease.

Tip: Don’t angle every piece of furniture in the room, use certain pieces to anchor the rooms dimensions.


4) Use a light color scheme 


Shabby Creek Cottage


Dark cabinets in a kitchen, or a dark statement wall are great design features, but for our purposes we want to stay clear of those dark colors in a small space. Using light colors and shades of white, fills the room with natural and artificial light to feel more open.


Ellie Koleen


Tip: To contrast the light, add some plants for a pop of color!


4) Keep an open mind for open shelving 




Leave off the doors! This is how I keep organized and tidy. Open shelving forces you to be organized, and makes the room less claustrophobic with more open space. 

Tip: Add baskets to your open shelving to hide junk and other non-decorative items


Who is Mocca


Tip: Don’t have a closet in your bedroom? Hang clothes on metal racks for a fashion show feel. Plus, it will take up less space than putting in a cabinet!


Own your space.


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Featured photo source: Visual Therapy 

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