What’s Your Style?

If you haven’t already done so, take our short style quiz to discover yours.
It’ quite interesting to see that our lifestyle and personality have a large influence over our personal style preferences. No matter what your style is there are a few universal style tips.


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1) Stick to a color pallet

This could be few main colors and accent colors. It is helpful to identify your pallet from the beginning so you don’t feel overwhelmed shopping for your space.

Modern modification: Don’t be afraid of color!! Add an accent color to those neutrals. It doesn’t have to be bold… Find a grayish blue or frosted forest green to highlight the clean lines in your space.


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2) Incorporate a pattern

A pattern will compliment your classic or modern pieces and playfully bring the room together with a statement. Tip! Try a pattern, rug or curtains if you have a very neutral space.

Eclectic modification: Minimize patterns, don’t eliminate them all together but take note which items are bold statements… Because you enjoy eclectic pieces you will want these to be the highlight of the room. Unless of course, that wall paper pattern is the highlight of your room!



3) Paint the walls LAST… Unless your room is designed around a unique wall paper

Did you know you’re supposed to pick out the wall color last? Yes, it’s true! This is a common decorating mistake. It is much easier to pick out a color that matches your couch rather than finding a couch that matches your wall!


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Get Your Design On.

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