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Party Tips-

When you are at a party having the time of your life. You don’t think about all of the effort and planning that went into the perfect evening. But when it’s your turn to host the next event it seems overwhelming to coordinate all of the pieces into one seamless event. Here are some tips to execute your next party!


  1. Brainstorm

    Grab a glass of wine, note pad and turn on your creative wheels. What is the main purpose of your event? What is your theme? What foods and decor fit under your event purpose and theme? Who should be invited? How many people is the right amount for the purpose of the event?

  2. Create an Entertainment Checklist

    Account for all of the aspects of your event and make a detailed list. This way you can enlist help and delegate tasks to other people to help you out.

    • Event Details (location, time, day)
    • Marketing
    • Food
    • Drink
    • Decor
    • Entertainment (Music, etc.)
  3.  Keep it simple

    No need to serve six different types of alcohol and offer many food options. Sometimes less is more. Pick a signature drink, like our Fall Printz Punch. Same goes for food. Keep it simple and pick one featured food, ours happens to be the traditional cannoli!

Fall Printz Punch

Nothing is better than a refreshing drink for fall. Yes we do love our warm spiked ciders, coffee and hot cocoa but this fall punch is sure to capture your fall treat craving while staying fresh and crisp.
Joanne Pio

16 fl ounces dark rum

fl ounces lemon juice

fl ounces orange juice

fl ounces simple syrup

24 fl ounces apple cider

fl ounces water

fluid ounces club soda

Garnish your drink with sprigs of thyme and apple wheels for a decorative and tasty look.
Joanne Pio


Get your design on.

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