Myth Or Fact? Creativity, Either You Have it or You Don’t?

Good news is, this is a myth! Everyone is capable of creative thinking and you can become a more creative thinker in several ways:

Give yourself time

Finding a routine might become part of your own creative formula. Be aware of when you have productive moments and set aside time to exercise your brain during these hours.  

Furthermore… Don’t get caught up on completing your task or finding a creative solution right away. Go ahead, leave it behind!… and come back later. Having a fresh perspective may trigger new thoughts and give you time to absorb your previous ideas.


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Rethink the way you interpret the problem

Rewrite or reframe the question you are trying to solve 8 different ways. This will give you more avenues to think about solutions and consider factors you hadn’t before.

Maybe the root of your problem isn’t that your apartment space is too small but the fact that there is no defined separation between your work/study space and relaxation/sleep space. So the problem really is: how do you create two environments that “feel” separate all in one space?

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Gain Perspective

Fuse unrelated ideas and create analogies! Identify something removed from your problem and create an image by describing structural properties of it. For example, instead of a “chair”…it is pressure evenly distributed on a base or legs. This paints a different picture in your mind and trains your brain to think abstractly.

Surround yourself with different people and ask questions. Your friend might say no, a chair can hang from the ceiling too… Ah ha! Now your brain is painting a completely different picture! 

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Define your Creativity

Go ahead! Generate ideas and don’t get hung up on the fact you aren’t a “master of creative everything”. I’m sure Albert Einstein wouldn’t have been a great interior decorator!

From cooking a dish to studying the cure for disease, creativity is a skill used to solve big problems and invent new things. Embrace what you love and think about it in new ways, like…The color pink!

Start to practice creative thinking and see where it takes you. 


Get your design on.

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