A “Professional” Passion For Design

What’s the first thing you did home from college?

I had been back at home less than 24 hours before diving straight into a home improvement project.

My mother gave me a golden opportunity. I couldn’t pass it up. She left for the entire day and instructed me to care for my father who just had surgery.

After evaluating the effect of his pain medication and daunting, two-story, plain vanilla feature wall in our living room I devised a “home makeover” project.

It was off to Home Depot with my father. The project quickly began and faded even quicker as the sun set early. My product: a patch of random brown paint in the middle of the wall.

Even better, a living room covered in plastic and 12ft ladder (used to clean the gutters of our house) accompanied the masterpiece of brown paint. Basically, it was an ideal situation for my mother to return home to. Her reaction? …Less than positive. In fact, she was a little more upset than I had anticipated.

Thankfully, my drowsy accomplice who was in and out of naps all day finally came to life! My father was quick to defend my brown paint job and reassured my mother with this statement,

“Don’t worry, she’s a professional”

…I was definitely not a professional.

Yet again, who is to say what defines professional? With the right tools and guidance you have the capability to create something equal to a professional or at least test the waters and try out your skills. My canvas just happened to be my parents house.

What happens if you don’t succeed? You can always reach out for help!

This is the basis of Printz! We provide you with guides and visual tools to be as involved with your project as you wish.

Instead of having a project meltdown. When you are feeling stuck pull a designer in to determine what shade of blue works or where in the world to put that family heirloom. Create a dream space like the ones you’ve spent time pinning on Pinterest.  

Everyday our environment impacts our mood, what we do and the way we think. The design of your space should fit your lifestyle and inspire you. Printz will help you do that before making any purchases, returning purchases and taking endless trips to the store. Enter into the world of interior design without being overwhelmed. Transform that “brown patch” into a wall that guests compliment.

Join our Printz community! I will make sure you are the first to know about design events, design offerings and of course invite you to test our site.

Get your design on.
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